Regal REIT

Regal REIT is Hong Kong’s only REIT comprised solely of hotel properties. The hotels are managed by Regal Hotels International Limited and operate under the Regal brand.

They are:

  • Regal Airport Hotel (1,104 rooms)
  • Regal Hongkong Hotel (424 rooms)
  • Regal Kowloon Hotel (600 rooms)
  • Regal Oriental Hotel (390 rooms)
  • Regal Riverside Hotel (830 rooms)

Total of 3,348 rooms across Hong Kong

The map shows the location of the hotels.

Center of map
Center of Hong Kong
Regal Airport Hotel
1,104 rooms
Hong Kong International Airport
Chek Lap Kok
Regal Hongkong Hotel
424 rooms
Causeway Bay
Regal Kowloon Hotel
600 rooms
Tsim Sha Tsui East
Regal Oriental Hotel
390 rooms
Old Kai Tak Airport, Kowloon City
Regal Riverside Hotel
830 rooms

The Regal Airport Hotel sits adjacent to Hong Kong International Airport’s main terminal and enjoys the status of being the main airport hotel. Regal Oriental, on the other hand, is the old Regal Kai Tak airport hotel which is now located in the middle of nowhere since the airport shifted to its current location in 1997. In the medium term (5-10 years) the Regal Oriental is well placed to benefit from the Kai Tak redevelopment and Cruise terminal project.

Regal Riverside hotel is located in Shatin. Fail. There are few reasons for overseas tourists to be located in Shatin unless they have been duped by their travel agent. This hotel is well-located for locals or mainlanders with family in the area, but not international tourists exploring the city.

Regal Hongkong is reasonably well-located in bustling Causeway Bay. This area is not a typical hotspot for hotels, but is well known and well-located.

Regal Kowloon is in Tsim Sha Tsui East. This area is borderline seedy at nights but is a well-established tourist area, and with recent improvements in the rail infrastructure is a good location for future growth potential.

The previous points are not necessarily negative points for the portfolio, but given the locations of the hotels, returns may not fully align with the 5-star or even 4-star tourist market in Hong Kong. The Regal Airport will benefit from increased travel and transit through Hong Kong, especially the MICE crowd. The locations of the other hotels suggest more exposure to tourism from within Asia especially mainland China.

Regal REIT revenues might perhaps be influenced by the level of tourism from within Asia rather than typical 4-5 star western tourism from the US or Europe.