Planning decision deferred for Aberdeen Hotel

A planning proposal to convert an industrial building to a hotel has been deferred for a second time, at the request of the applicant. Power Concept Properties Limited applied for planning permission for an in-situ Hotel conversion of Perfectech Centre, an industrial building in Aberdeen/Wong Chuk Hang (Application no. A/H15/237).

According to the Application documents, the proposed hotel will be 25 storeys high and have no more than 98 guest rooms. Facilities promised include amongst others a swimming pool, restaurant and outdoor landscaped area.

Initially, the Metro Planning Committee (MPC) allowed the deferment at their meeting on September 4th 2009. They gave the applicant one month to gather further supporting evidence, and a further two months to submit the application. Three months later, at the meeting on December 12 2009, the applicant applied for a further extension and was given two months by the MPC to prepare further evidence, and an additional two months to submit the application. A decision should be due at the MPC meeting on 4th April 2009, that is unless another extension is granted.

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Center of Hong Kong
Proposed Hotel Development
Perfectech Center
64 Wong Chuk Hang Road
Application no. A/H15/237