Billionaire's Shek O Redevelopment

A house and plot of land at 13 Big Wave Bay Road sold in December 2009 to the billionaire founder of a mainland Internet company. The purchase price was a cool $480m for around 2,300sqm of land with an existing 10,000sqft residential dwelling on it. In October, 2006 an agreement for sale and purchase was entered into by George Sze Kwong Chao (趙世光) to purchase the property for $380m, and the transaction completed 6 months later. The capital appreciation on this over the three year holding period was $100 million.

13 Big Wave Bay Road
13 Big Wave Bay Road

The new owner has applied for planning permission (A/H18/66) and some of the proposed layouts and landscaping are below.
Ground Floor layout plan for 13 Big Wave Bay Road
Landscape design - 13 Big Wave Bay Road